CajonTab® Bongo
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CajonTab® Bongo

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A two-chambered drum opens up new rhythmic possibilities.  Each chamber of the CajonTab® Bongo has its own sound hole cover, allowing you to tune each section independently. 

This drum also includes a snare attachment, which will add snare to one chamber but not the other.  To swap snare from one chamber to the other, just flip the snare around.  It may also slide under the drum for a clean tone.

We added a pair of our hard maple click snare castanets to the snare bar, giving you a loud "clap" option.  Play them with less force for a faux "cross stick" effect.

This drum shines as a lap drum, but we include a Louson Drums logo guitar strap for upright playing. 


Product Specs:

Size: 11"x18"x4"

Material: birch, mahogany/poplar tapa, maple click castanets

Weight: Approximately 8.5 pounds

Includes black guitar strap, two adjustable sound hole covers, snare attachment with maple click snare castanets, and FREE SHIPPING to the US

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