CajonTab®️ Troubadour Pack
Louson Drums

CajonTab®️ Troubadour Pack

Sale price $239.00 Regular price $249.00

Let’s take this show on the road!

The Cajontab®️ Troubadour Pack is your mobile percussion go bag. Easily take a CajonTab®️ with external snare, a bubinga clicker snare, two mini cajon shakers, and a foot tambourine in the Louson Drums logo messenger bag and leave your heavy kit behind.

The Troubadour Pack is great for getting the party started.  Hand out the shakers to your friends, or use the foot tambourine yourself while you play the CajonTab®️

We believe in providing mobile percussion options.  The Troubadour Pack will have you moving and grooving in no time.

Individual value of contents:

$179/$209 for 10 inch or 12 inch CajonTab®️

$59 messenger bag

$29 mini cajon shaker set

$12 foot tambourine 

$12 bubinga clicker snare

Total before bundle discount: 10 inch CajonTab pack $291 or 12 inch CajonTab pack for $321

Buy the bundle and save over $40!



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