CajonTab® 14” Bass Edition
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CajonTab® 14” Bass Edition

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If you are looking for a portable bass cajon drum, look no further.

We are taking pre-orders for this new pure bass configuration CajonTab®️. We increased the size to 14 inches and added more than double the depth from our Standard and Jumbo models to make our new Bass edition CajonTab®.

Instead of an external snare, we’ve added a CajonPort™️ (a 3rd party product by Kickport International) to enhance the already considerable bass of this drum. This drum is big enough to produce impressive sternum-thumping bass, but is still lightweight enough to carry and includes a free strap.

Our initial production run should ship in early to mid February.  Place your orders now to receive the one of the first 14" bass edition CajonTabs®.

We anticipate shipping our first bass edition drums out on February 21, 2018. Preorders can save $50 using coupon code: 50offpreorder at checkout. 

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