CajonTab® 10" with external shaker snare
CajonTab® 10" with external shaker snare
CajonTab® 10" with external shaker snare
CajonTab® 10" with external shaker snare
CajonTab® 10" with external shaker snare

CajonTab® 10" with external shaker snare

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The CajonTab® is an ultra-portable cajon drum with removable external snare and adjustable sound hole cover.

CajonTab®: all about portability, versatility and convenience.

We wanted to create an instrument capable of creating the unique sounds of the cajon drum but without the massive size and bulk.  After experimenting with several configurations, we settled on the simple square shape.  We began selling our first "Cajon Tablets" at craft shows in 2015 and introduced our snare edition in 2017.

Our customers love our drums. It really is all about portability, versatility, and convenience. 

The CajonTab®:

  • Is lightweight 
  • Includes a black guitar strap
  • Includes a removable external snare mechanism
  • Plays well in an acoustic instrument setting
  • Fits in most backpacks

About the CajonTab® sizes

The 10 inch CajonTab® is primarily recommended to serve as a hand snare drum. The 12 inch Jumbo CajonTab® and Pro Series CajonTab® are more versatile. They have a lower pitched snare tone but also a lower and deeper bass tone. 
The 14 inch bass edition CajonTab® is thumpy and punchy but less portable.

Why buy a CajonTab®?

Our primary goal in our design is to provide an ultra-portable percussion instrument that can replace larger, bulkier drums.  Sometimes it just isn't convenient to bring your full size cajon or congas along for the ride.

We want our drums to go with you when you're on your camping adventure or day hike.  We want you to go busking with your friends without lugging a 30 pound drum along. And we want you to have a percussion option that makes sense when playing with acoustic instruments and voice.

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The shaker snare gives you even more percussive tones. Play it directly for a loose snare sound.  Take it off and shake it different ways for even more sounds.

We're taking our snare design to new places with the new external shaker snare.

This enhanced option for the external snare shows the versatility of our design. Fill your percussion quiver with a variety of sounds, contained in a small and manageable package.

The external shaker snare is a versatile percussion instrument on its own, creating multiple shaker tones depending on orientation of shaking motion.  It can also be gently "clapped" in the off hand for a sharper voicing.

Here at Louson Drums, we are continually experimenting with new ways to enhance your percussion options.