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CajonTab - CajonTab® 10
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CajonTab® 10" with natural external snare

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You love playing drums but you don't love dragging your gear to your gig. We get it.

Or maybe you love playing cajon but you're not crazy about the hunching and the back pain. We get that too.

Our drums give you a portable, versatile percussion option for acoustic performance and busking, campfire and park jams, and even marching percussion.

The CajonTab® with external snare:

  • Is a patent-pending portable, wearable cajon drum
  • Includes a removable external snare system. Take it off in seconds. Put it back on just as fast. Or just slide it under the drum when not in use.
  • Weighs about 4 pounds and easily transports in a backpack or laptop bag
  • Won't strain your back like traditional cajon drums. The included guitar strap allows the drum to be worn over the shoulder style.

The snare sound is very crisp and loud, thanks to the external snare configuration. 

In addition to the external snare, we've included an adjustable sound hole mute which can be rotated open or closed.  We recommend a fully closed or almost fully closed sound hole when playing the snare and a fully open sound hole for playing without the snare. Opening the sound hole increases the amount of separation in tone between the snare sound and the bass sound.

This truly is like having two drums in one. The snare and non-snare tones are so completely different!


Orders over $250 currently receive free shipping.  Also consider our 12" Jumbo CajonTab with external snare

This drum ships with a free black guitar strap and installed guitar strap buttons.

Update 5/21/2017: We have slightly changed our external snare design. The current design is shown in the photos and not the videos, although the sound is the same. The snare in the product pictures is a solid poplar snare in natural (clear coat) finish.

For more on the CajonTab®, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.



Questions & Answers

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  • Does this come with a strap? Any instruction videos?

    Yes, a free strap is included. We have not produced any instructional videos yet, but here are some good videos from percussionist Kalani Das:



  • Can you play sitting down

    Yes, absolutely.  You can play with the CajonTab on your lap, with or without the strap.  I like using the strap for extra security, so the drum can't fall. 

  • Do you have worldwide shipping ...?? Please let me know quiclky!

    Yes, we do ship internationally. After you enter your shipping address when checking out, you will see the shipping expense.  Keep in mind that this does not include any potential import tarriffs or taxes from the destination country.  Check with your local customs office or post office for the rules in your country.