The 2018 Holiday Sale at

The Sale: Save $20 with coupon code "drumgift20".

To save $20, just enter the coupon code at checkout.  If you don't see the coupon code field, look for the "show order summary" link.  Click it, and the coupon code field will pop up. This coupon code will be valid throughout the holiday season.

In addition to the $20 off coupon, we are also offering holiday bundles of a 10 inch CajonTab® with messenger bag and a 12 inch CajonTab® with messenger bag. The bundles each cost $30 more than the drum alone, saving you $29 bucks on the bag.

The messenger bag has an inner divider, numerous pockets, an adjustable shoulder strap, and an embroidered Louson Drums logo.

Consider giving the gift of portable percussion this year! 

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